The Visual Revolution is Here.

The Visual Revolution is Here.

Digital camera offerings now include 360-degree imagery. The “full view” of any image comes alive, as the camera captures the item of interest, along with everything surrounding the camera. As an example, displayed via Google’s Street View, the interior images of the International Space station, offer an incredible tour of a place that few will ever visit.

The Streetview site includes other interactive photos of places around the globe, including Rome’s Collesium, Egypt’s Pyramids, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, and hundreds more!

Now, 360-degree images have gone to video. Samsung’s Gear 360 (less than $200) incorporates two 180 degree lenses to provide a 360-degree perspective in every video.

A YouTube video taken at Yosemite National Park shows the impressive capabilities of this newest technology offering. The video view can be controlled by the viewer so that the image behind the camera is as easily and quickly viewed, like that in front.

While image technology allows us to see the world around us in 360-degree (both still and video), it also allows us to see into the future, as well.

Visual Revolution

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