Millennials in the Construction Industry

Millennials in the Construction Industry

Construction Trades Education Curriculum

Millennials (age 18-34) now outnumber baby boomers (age 52-70) in the United States.  But Millennials represent a small portion of the US Construction workforce.  The economic downturn of 2008 reduced construction jobs by more than 2 million.  As a double whammy, reduced school budgets resulted in the closing of many building trades programs.  So, just as the building economy returns, experienced workers are becoming scarce.

At least one solution is already underway.  Civic, construction and education professionals from Effingham County formed a class in 2015 to offer high school seniors first-hand instruction and training in a host of construction trades.

Now in its second year, 22 students are enrolled in the Construction Trades Education Curriculum (CTEC).  The year-long curriculum includes more than 30 outside guest lecturer/instructors as well as more than 40 site visits for first-hand instruction in construction skills.  Students from the inaugural class, having graduated, are already embarking on their construction career.  The millennials have returned!

AKRA Builders is a proud Gold Level investor in this incredibly innovative program.