Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage

College and Pro football seasons are now in full swing.  While a majority of college football teams play on artificial turf, the majority of pro football teams play on natural grass.  It’s remarkable to consider that pro teams playing on grass are from many cold-weather climates, including Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburg Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, and the toughest climate: Green Bay Packers.

Whether for sports fields, or commercial projects, artificial turf is growing in popularity.  In the commercial realm, the benefits of synthetic grass have been the same since the first piece of Astroturf was laid 50 years ago:

  1. Water savings
  2. No Mowing
  3. No chemicals/fertilizers
  4. Looks perfect year-round

In the last few years, artificial turf has become even more popular as material costs continue to drop.  And, the quality/appearance of the grass continues to improve.

Artificial grass was installed at the Midland States Bank Champaign branch in a job completed by AKRA in 2013.  Lee Harms, Director of Facilities for MSB, offered his assessment, “In the few years it has been down in Champaign, we haven’t seen any settling, wearing, fading or really anything negative to speak of. Having a maintenance-free lawn that looks perfect year-round is really the major benefit!”