And Now the News!

And Now the News!

It’s commonly known that politicians from Winston Churchill to JFK scanned numerous newspapers each morning to stay abreast of the world, national and local happenings. As recently as the 1980s, it was considered the height of luxury to have a newspaper delivered to one’s bedside (presumably by a butler). In fact, in the fanciest of abodes, to ensure the newspaper’s crispness, the butler actually ironed the newspaper, prior to its delivery.

Today’s news sources are numerous and varied, from 24/7 cable TV news to every on-line offering, including news delivered via Facebook. Given the multiple access points (TV, Computer, Tablet, phone) one can become overwhelmed by the continual flow of information.

In response to the news avalanche, several entities have developed concise summaries of the news (with links for more in-depth information), delivered free, via email, each morning. Here are a few of our favorites:

NextDraft – Providing an overview of 10 topics each morning, the content includes links on each item, for more in-depth information.

Seeking Alpha – For terrific financial/business information, Seeking Alpha’s content is generated by independent contributors. The email has won numerous awards (WIRED Magazine, Forbes, Kiplinger’s and Inc. Magazine) for its valued insight.

WirePoints – With both daily email and a content-rich web site, WirePoints is an Illinois based report covering the economy, government, and business.

Again, each of the above is a free daily email service delivered to your “inbox”, simply by signing in with your email address.

Whatever your news channel, it’s nice to know that the butler can now sleep in!