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Ten years ago this month, the Apple iphone hit the marketplace.  Some interesting (and weird) facts about the iPhone:

1 Billion                 Number of iPhones sold since 2007

$1 Million             Amount paid by Apple to Michael Kovatch for the domain name “iphone.com”

$.25                       Estimated cost of energy consumed by an iPhone on an annual basis

200                        Number of patents covered in the iPhone

“iPhone”               Name was originally owned by Cisco.  Terms were reached to allow Apple to use the name.

7 months              Length of time that a customer waited in front of Japan’s Apple Store to purchase the first iPhone 6.

22 Sq. Miles         The approximate size of an iPhone if using the computing power of the University of Illinois’ first Super  Computer (ILLICAC 1) from 1952.  This is the approximate size of New York’s Manhattan Island.  (The power requirements for such a device would have consumed all the electricity generated by the state of California.)

In addition to the iPhone anniversary, Apple’s principal manufacturer, Foxconn of China, just announced plans for a $7 billion investment in US based manufacturing.