Founded in 1974, AKRA Builders, Inc. has developed from a local construction firm into a firm with national penetration and presence.

AKRA’s early years involved a variety of small commercial and residential projects around the Effingham, IL area.  However, our reputation for quality and integrity propelled our growth.  By the early 80’s AKRA had become the regional leader for commercial projects across Central Illinois.

In the 1990’s, AKRA’s growing reputation led to further expansion as we completed our first multi-state project for a growing customer base.

The new millennium further expanded AKRA’s geographic scope, as projects were completed in Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Iowa, New York, Alabama, and North Carolina.

AKRA’s legacy of performance, integrity and projects of distinctive design provide the path to continued expansion of the geographic scope and services offered by the company.

AKRA's Blueprint

AKRA Builders, Inc. opens for business.
AKRA performs residential and small commercial projects in the Effingham, Illinois area.
AKRA becomes a regional leader for commercial projects across Central Illinois.
First Multi-state project completed by AKRA Builders.
Projects completed across Illinois, as well as in AL, GA, IA, IN, MI, MS, MO, NY, NC, OH, PA, TN and WI.